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Matt Legend: 

Veil of Lies


The supernatural has mutated.  It's not just ghosts and demons anymore.

When fifteen-year-old Matt Legend stumbles across a gigantic human-like skeleton (a Nephilim) inside an ancient earthen burial mound, his discovery leads him to a deadly mind-boggling revelation. Namely, thousands of years ago Goliath was anything but one of a kind.  Four hundred thousand goliaths once terrorized the Earth treating humans as their personal food stock, the proof guarded and kept hidden by archaeologists. 


According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, their fathers were fallen angels, their mothers human women. Through it all, Matt discovers a deadly secret – ghosts aren't dead people, and the Grays aren't whom they claim either.  


Matt finds himself in a war with the supernatural - a war he cannot possibly win, not without help.  If he wins he'll get the girl.  If he loses, six billion people will die.

Based on disturbing content in the Dead Sea Scrolls and no less disturbing real-world archaeological discoveries and events, this controversial novel is the first in an exciting new series.  It is Stranger Things meets Raiders of the Lost Ark. Available now at Amazon.         

What People Are Saying

"Smart, adventurous, savvy beyond their years teens dealing with the same teen angst as every teen but with an added twist - battling the supernatural. Hailed as a new kind of young adult adventure, Matt Legend: Veil of Lies

is a thrill ride that doesn't fail to entertain."

—  California Writers Club

About Denis

I am a writer living in Southern California.  When I'm not busy crafting award-winning fiction that reduces the powers of darkness to whimpering crybabies, I can usually be found perfecting my Masters boxing skills or at the controls of high-performance aircraft.

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