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Mr. Denis W. Mills

Who Is

Denis Mills?

In the fourth grade I happened across a library book on the UFO abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill and life hasn't been the same since. Some people have a fascination with the supernatural.  I am one.  The light side, the dark side, it is all fascinating, however, I am all about battling the dark side, so not surprisingly, so are my characters.  


Just as strange things happen on the sets of movies that deal with the supernatural, some very bizarre things have happened during the crafting of Matt Legend: Veil of Lies.  Stephen King personifies horror.  I strive to do the same for the young adult and adult crossover reader paranormal genre.  I have employed my extensive research, knowledge and personal experience with the supernatural in crafting this exciting, fast-paced ground-breaking series that will change how you perceive our world. 


Our world is becoming stranger by the day.  Matt Legend is a series for our times. The truth is not out there anymore.  It is here among us.  Take the journey if you dare.  And don't go into the forest alone anymore.      

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