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Matt Legend: The Hollow Earth

It has been ten months since Matt saved the world from the start of World War III. Now another extinction-level event is facing mankind.

After discovering an ancient nine-foot-wide borehole with no

bottom in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest scientists 

have unwittingly opened a Pandora's Box.  What they see and hear on the GoPro terrifies them.  Unless they can determine what they did to cause a tear in the fabric of time which is rippling outward from it in 33.3 mile bursts every 33.3 minutes, it will sweep across and consume the entire earth, returning it to how it was 250 million years ago.  Only the inhabitants of the inner earth can stop it.  But why would they. They view humans as vermin. 

This is the second installment of the Matt Legend series of young adult/adult fiction paranormal adventures and encounters of the strange kind that deal with every supernatural thing from giants and mermaids (yes, they really do exist), to aliens, UFOs, USOs, cryptids, fallen angels and other extra-dimensional beings, the hollow earth, the hollow moon, subterranean civilizations, chemtrails, forbidden archaeology, and all strange and terrible things. Heralded as a paranormal Stranger Things meets Raiders of the Lost Ark, this thrilling series is inspired by real events.

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