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What Do Ghosts Want?

Nine out of ten people think ghosts are dead people. They are wrong. Those who have studied the Bible know that it clearly states (including in Ecclesiastes 9:5) that the dead know nothing and are silent in their graves (and stay there). What does that mean?

Amazingly the Bible has demonstrated itself to be 100% accurate in its historical and archaeological content which becomes more and more evident with new archaeological discoveries each passing year, making it hard to argue against. That in itself is remarkable but there is more. The Bible contains over a thousand prophesies, each one of which has come true exactly as foretold down to the smallest detail (except those which are told to take place in the last days). There is no other book in the world anything like it. Looking at it from a scientific standpoint as I have for over fifty years, I find that fascinating. One may therefore think of the Bible as a supernatural book. The prophesies validate the content of the Bible. If the Bible can be counted on to have accurately reported events, some of which were foretold a thousand years before they occurred, it can be counted upon to have accurately reported history and everything else in it. Ghosts fall under the everything else.

As an author/researcher (Novel: Matt Legend: Veil of Lies, available on Amazon) I have spent my entire life researching ghosts and other paranormal phenomena and have become an expert in the field.

Ghosts are not dead people. I have studied every component of the supernatural in all its various aspects and manifestations from every angle. There is indeed a battle going on between good and evil on this planet. The Devil is very real and God is very real. If you go looking for God you will find Him. If you go looking for the Devil, you will find him too (I wouldn’t recommend that, however).

The purpose of ghosts is to deceive mankind. Their purpose is to try to make people think the Bible is a lie. The Bible refers to Satan as The Father of Lies. It is a deception campaign on the level of the great D-day deception of WWII when the Allies duped the Nazis into thinking the invasion was happening somewhere else. The fallen angels’ days are coming to an end and they are trying their best to destroy as much of God’s creation as possible.

The ghost deception has been extremely effective and the powers of darkness have invested and continue to invest an extraordinary amount of effort in making and keeping it so, such that I have decided to start a blog to help derail the lie and reveal the truth about it. It will be found on my website, The entire purpose of the underworld’s ghost campaign is to steer people away from God and at the very least, to confuse, which it does many. I have taken great pains to document a lifetime of research on this subject in the novel, which even includes what the ancient Sumerians (the first civilization) said about ghosts. The Sumerian writings also inextricably link ghosts with the underworld exclusively, though unintentionally. The ghost campaign is very effective and has a great many people fooled but it is time for it to end.

The reason I wrote the novel is to dispel the ghost lie, which it does convincingly based on reader feedback. It does so through a young adult adventure (think of it as ‘Stranger Things’ meets ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’) and is based on fifteen years of extensive documented research on ghosts and the supernatural backed by thirty-eight years of personal experiences and encounters with ghosts.

You can check out the website and the blog at for more information, which includes the all-important proof of what ghosts are exactly (it is mind-boggling and explained fully in the Book of Enoch in the Dead Sea Scrolls), and related archaeological finds through the ages throughout the world. The blog will launch February 19, 2020 and will begin with this very Quora question and answer. Let’s continue the dialogue. As I’m sure we can all agree (after all, you’ve read this far), this is among the most fascinating and important subjects in the world.

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